Ground Intelligence: Covering COVID with John Moore

John Moore is a World Press- and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and senior staff photographer and special correspondent for Getty Images. He has photographed in 65 countries on six continents and was posted internationally for 17 years, first to Nicaragua, then India, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt and Pakistan. He currently resides in Stamford, Connecticut. In March of 2020, John was covering the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in Washington State and upon returning home, like many, was in lockdown. At this time he turned his camera on his home state in Connecticut to document the effects of the pandemic on his community. From the front-line responders such as EMS and doctors to volunteers helping seniors get food, from the tragic deaths to the amazing stories of support and survival, Ground Intelligence: Covering COVID with John Moore seeks to show what COVID looks like in and around Connecticut.