CUTLINE: Everyday White Supremacy with John Henry Smith

Is white supremacy AN issue in our state, or THE issue? In January, Joseph Biden became the first President of the United States to expressly mention “white supremacy” in his inaugural address as a primary problem America must face. And it’s no wonder — not after the racial reckoning that exploded onto the streets of America — including Connecticut — in 2020. In light of this critical moment in our history, Connecticut Public has produced an hour-long program called Cutline: Everyday White Supremacy. Why “everyday”? That’s because it seems fairly common to think of “white supremacy” in terms of the type of white-hooded or Swastika’d thuggery that we see “every now and then.” But racist jokes, systematic racism, and racist language coded to sound less threatening — these things are much more “everyday” than “every-now-and-then.” As these two forms of white supremacy are interconnected, host John Henry Smith will discuss them both with a diverse group of voices who can speak about conditions and experiences both here in Connecticut and around the country. Join us for Cutline: Everyday White Supremacy. The discussions won’t be comfortable, but they will make you think.